Great News for Parents of Children with Food Allergies: Save Money and Find out Latest Medical Recommendations

dr dean mitchell allergist nycGet a Free Epinephrine Injectable

Mitchell Medical Groupjust got news that a company that makes the auto-injectable epinephrine for severe allergic reactions is going to be available starting February 14 th, 2017- and it’s going to cost Zerodollars!

I was a bit shocked when I read this but this is not a gimmick, but a smart marketing strategy. The company Kaleo, originally designed the Auvi-Q injectable adrenaline that is voice-activated. A brilliant idea, which would make injecting adrenaline easy for anyone with a food allergy- child or adult. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago there was a defect in the dosage delivered by the device and this led to its being recalled from the market. If Auvi-Q delivers a proper functioning device to inject severe allergic reactions- which I believe it will- then it will be gold standard of treatments for this condition.

The company has put out explicit guidelines: anyone with commercial insurance, even high deductible plans will pay nothing for a device. Also, any family making less than 100,000 dollars will pay nothing. To obtain the Auvi-Q device go or call their hotline 1-877-30-AUVIQ.

Prevent Peanut Food Allergy in Your Family

peanut allergy nycThe biggest news in the field of Allergy the past few years is the finding thatgiving peanuts to your infant who you are worried may develop apeanut allergy is the right thing to do! This contrarian advice actually has some powerful research behind it. TheLEAP study, done in multiple medical centers showed that infants at risk for peanut allergy(who don’t have it already) that are given peanut paste at 4 to 6 months of age are10X less likely to develop peanut allergy than the infants that are put on an avoidance of peanuts. This fascinating medical mystery points to how important an infant’s immune system can be trained to avoid peanut allergy- and possibly any food allergy. We have to thank Israeli mothers for this medical breakthrough. They were feeding their infants Bamba( a sesame and peanut paste) as soon as they went to solid foods; the researchers were fascinated why Israeli infants and children had much lower rates of peanut allergy than relatives in New York or London. Doctors need to remember: mothers do know best!

New Food Allergy Tests

At Mitchell Medical Group, I have been using with my patients thelatest food allergy blood test to diagnose a severe food allergy. The older skin tests are still commonly used by many allergists, but in truth, the newer allergy blood tests calledComponent testing can indicate if someone is allergic to a dangerous protein in the food. With peanuts, these proteins are called Ara h1, 2 and 3. For milk, it is casein and for eggs ovamucoid. There are many foods that can be tested this way and just need a specialist to properly interpret. It’s also a great test to help know if you have just a mild allergy to a food, that is not dangerous.

Food Allergy Desensitization

There are no approved food allergy desensitization treatments widely available. They have been successfully done for peanut, egg and milk through oral powders in research hospitals and a few clinics around the country. Also, sublingual drops have been shown to be effective for food allergies, including peanut- but again, this is still being done mainly at Duke and Stanford allergy clinics.

At Mitchell Medical Group, I have desensitized thousands of patients with mysublingual drops to environmental allergens: cats, dogs, pollen, dust and mold. I hope one day to cure a child with a devastating food allergy.

– Dr. Dean Mitchell
Mitchell Medical Group – offices in Manhattan & Long Island

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