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Really grateful for his help

I've been going to Dr. Dean Mitchell for about 4 years now, specifically for allergies and candida treatment, and he has been truly wonderful. I've struggled with candida since I was 16 years old, and I've only had varying success in eradicating it, but I am finally in a place where I"m 90% better and I can attribute it to working with Dr. Mitchell. I've been on the candida diet, I've been on the candida drops and I've done other various protocols to strengthen my immune system under his care. I've also been doing allergy drops with him, which I've found to be much more effective than weekly shots, which I did for years, but tended to overload my immune system. He takes time with me and listens, and extends new information to me whenever possible. I've been really grateful for his help and I recommend him highly. There are few doctors who seem to know how to balance traditional medicine with holistic practices. I've found him to be one of the best.

Karen K. Candida Treatment in NYC May 1, 2018

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“Dr.Mitchell and my road to wellness”

In my last review I forgot to thank Dr.Mitchell and Millie as well as all his staff for my road to wellness.I first came to Dr. Dean last September 2016 with severe Fibromyalgia symptoms. I suffered with widespread pain from head to toe.I knew I had to try an alternative treatment therapy,I didn't know how well it would work!
It is almost a year later and I feel fabulous! I couldn't walk, I couldn't do anything without pain.The quality of my life has now improved 90%.
How do you thank a doctor for giving you your life and health back? I suffered for eight years with this illness, and no M.D. could help me.Dr.Dean Mitchell did,and I am so thankful I found Mitchell Medical Group!

Nancy Calvin Rockaway Park , New August 5, 2017

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“I am feel 90% better than I did last summer”

I feel fabulous! Yes!I began my treatment for Fibromyalgia here last September and can't believe how wonderful I feel !
I was at my wit's end last summer! Suffering with widespread pain that made everything I did impossible! The turning point came on my trip to Niagara Falls. I was a mess,I couldn't walk,drive ,or enjoy the trip without severe pain and exhaustion. I called Mitchell Medical Group when I came home.Thankfully I am here to to say that I am I am 90% improved.
I followed the diet to a tee and that has helped me as well. It is a miracle! I feel better than ever!

Nancy Calvin Rockaway Park , New August 4, 2017

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Dr. Mitchell changed my life!*

I was so so allergic to my cat. Wasn't willing to give up the cat. I had also done shots for 2 years to no avail. I was so desperate I went searching online for an answer. I stumbled upon Dr. Dean Mitchell and I decided to give his practice a chance. He ended up being the most caring, gentle doctor. I am 95% better with my allergies. The sublingual drops absolutely work. I've sent so many people to Dr. Mitchell.

Fay Jozoff New York City , NY December 16, 2016

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A Place of Hope*

I have just finished my eighth session of IV vitamins and Gamma shots.I have felt a significant change in my Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. Dr.Mitchell and his team,Millie,Gladys and Pat are the best! They have made me feel at home and.cared about at every session.I look forward to my once a month sessions and better health in the future. I recommend Mitchell Medical Group to anyone suffering with Fibromyalgia and other similar conditions.

Nancy Calvin Rockaway Park , New December 16, 2016

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Individual care and an investigative approach to health …

Can't say enough about this wonderful practice-Dr Dean Mitchell and the entirestaff are excellent-caring, responsive, professional and of course knowledgeable
Dr Mitchell makes it his goal to be on the cutting edge of medical innovation and new procedures and medications

Amy Jorrisch N Tonawanda , NY December 1, 2016

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Extremely satisfied with Dr. Dean Mitchell and his staff!!*

I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Mitchell and his office staff..They are very caring and helpful...

Sharon Catalano Freehold , NJ November 30, 2016

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Diagnose: Very Painful Fungal Infection caused by Antibiotic …

I probably would have died, in severe pain without their treatment.

Excellent treatment, they are both very receptive doctors.
I find them very sensitive and sympathetic to treating the pain I was experiencing.
My condition took several years to cure a sever fungal infection.
I am 99% cured, however; I had a lot of muscle loss from the multi-year infection this will take time to come back if ever.

Many treatments with different drugs were needed to cure me.
Behavioral changes in eating habits are also needed in the treatment.

Peter Lenahan Tuckahoe , NY June 9, 2016

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True concern and care he has for his patients*

What makes Dr. Mitchell stand apart in my mind, along with his intelligence and knowledge, is the true concern and care he has for his patients.

S.B. New York City , NY December 21, 2015

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I went from being very, very sick to being able to lead a …

Dr. Mitchell's knowledge and willingness to use both traditional and alternative medicine helped cure me of Lyme disease and chronic fatigue, and strengthened my immune system. In two years, I went from being very, very sick to being able to lead a normal life.

MP New York City , NY December 21, 2015

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Dr. Dean Mitchell goes beyond

Staff is amazing,friendly, and helpful & most of all Dr. Dean Mitchell is attentive, goes beyond, and sincerely cares for your well being. All the things a Doctor should be and more!

Michelle Mendonca Morgado New York , NY July 4, 2015

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