Our Fees and Policies

World-Class Holistic Medical Treatment in NYC and Long Island

At Mitchell Medical Group we try to protect you from unnecessary tests or procedures through holistic treatments. While these treatments have proven successful for years, some insurance companies don’t cover effective treatments like sublingual immunotherapy and IV vitamin therapy. But if you have out-of-network benefits we can help! In fact, one of the reasons most patients come to us is due to the failure of their traditional doctors to improve their health – doctors who treat them according to what their health insurance coverage deems is acceptable treatment – but not what is actually the best course of treatment for the patient. Compare our fees to other holistic and functional medical doctors in NYC and it will be hard to find our comparable, unique services at a better price.

For individuals who have high deductible insurance plans, many find that they spend the same or less out of pocket getting treatment at our practice as they would with a traditional doctor or specialist who is in-network with their health insurance plan. And they find better success with our treatments than what they recieved with other in-network doctors.

Consultations and Fees

Below are are our new patient consultation fees and treatment fees.

New Patient Initial Consultation $350

New Patient Virtual Consultation $200
virtual consultation fee applied toward first office visit if you move forward with treatment

Due to last-minute cancellations, there is a $75 booking fee that gets applied to the initial consultation fee. 

Patient Visits, Testing and Treatment Fees

During your consultation with Dr. Mitchell, the specific testing and treatments you specifically need will be discussed.

Office Visits from $225

IV Vitamin Therapy from $350

Sublingual Immunotherapy Drops $175 (monthly)

Blood Draw $50

Candida Testing $90

PFT $50

EKG $75

Intramuscular Injections $100

Gammastan Injections $300

Try our virtual consultation to see what it’s like to connect with a top holistic specialist who will listen to your problems and help you solve them. We focus on curing the underlying condition causing your illness – not simply managing the symptoms like traditional doctors. Call (212) 397-0157 to schedule your consultation.

Payment Policy and Insurance

We accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and we can help submit for out of network benefits for reimbursement.

Payment is due, in full, at the time of service. Payments may be made with any combination of the following:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA)

If you have insurance, we will provide you with the standard form(s) typically needed for filing a claim when you checkout.

Dr. Mitchell is an out of network practitioner. This means you will be responsible for all consultation, follow up and IV treatment costs. However, you can be reimbursed from your insurance for visits and treatments, granted your dedubtible has been met. Our team can help you submit the necessary paperwork.

Cancellation Policy

48-hour notice is required to cancel an established patient appointment.
Cancellations for Monday appointments must be made by 12 noon on Friday to avoid being charged.
Our missed appointment policy is strictly enforced and is intended to prevent ALL patients from having to pay higher fees due to the irresponsibility of a few.

Why Choose Us?

  • Board Certified Immunologist
  • Proven Holistic & Natural Treatments
  • Leading Expert in Sublingual Immunotherapy
  • Original 3-Step Treatment Process
  • Specialize in Solving Tough, Difficult Cases
  • Focus on Treating Whole Patient, Not Just Specific Organ
  • Treatment Using IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Trains Physicians Across U.S. on Allergy Drops

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