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Chronic Hives Treatment in NYC

Proven Treatment to Help with Chronic Hives

Are you dealing with chronic hives and struggling to find a lasting solution? Here at Mitchell Medical Group, we have your answers. Our experienced medical practitioners proudly offer a number of holistic medical treatments to address chronic hives in both children and adults. Contact our NYC or Long Island medical offices at 212-397-0157 today!

About Chronic Hives

Hives are red, often itchy welts than appear on the skin as a result of the body’s reaction to a particular substance or climate. They can vary in size and intensity depending on the reaction. In most cases, hives will subside within a few days or weeks as exposure to the substance or climate changes. However, in some cases, hives can last much longer. Cases such as these where an individual’s hives reaction last for six weeks or longer are known as chronic hives. Chronic hives can be uncomfortable to deal with and can cause difficulties during sleep and daily activities.

Telehealth New Patient Meeting

We know it can be difficult to always find time to get to the doctor’s office which is why we are now offering telehealth virtual new patient meetings with Dr. Mitchell. During the meeting, you will speak directly with Dr. Mitchell about your health issues just like you would at his office.

It is important for all those who are interested in a telehealth appointment with me to know that medico-legally I cannot diagnose or treat anyone unless we have a face-to-face, in-person office visit. I cannot prescribe any medications or supplements from a telehealth visit (the exception to this is if you live in New York State).

These telehealth visits are intended for educational and informational purposes only. My goal is to help provide you with these resources to work with your local healthcare provider to get the best care possible.

Call our office today at 212-397-0157 to schedule your meeting or request an appointment online.

Conventional Treatments for Chronic Hives

As the cause of chronic hives can vary on a case by case basis, so too do the treatment options available today. Conventional treatments for chronic hives include non-drowsy antihistamine medications, histamine H-2 blockers, anti-inflammatories, immune-suppressing drugs, and, in some cases anti-depressants. By scheduling an appointment with your doctor, you can learn more about which of these conventional treatment methods may work best for you.

Holistic Medicine: An Effective Alternative

For those who have found little success with traditional medications (or are unwilling to pursue them in the first place), holistic medicine provides several alternative methods to treat chronic hives. At Mitchell Medical Group, our practitioners first assess all potential causes of hives in a given patient to then recommend lifestyle changes that may lead to relief. For instance, chronic hives are often caused by changes in diet. Unknown allergies can catalyze unwanted reactions in the skin, and by helping our patients regulate their diets, we often find success in stopping the allergic reactions (and the hives) at their source.

We also offer allergy drops for permanent allergy relief. Other holistic treatments offered at our New York, NY office and Long Island office include vitamin injections and physical therapy sessions to help the body relax, reset, and come back stronger.

Mitchell Medical Group: Providing Proven Solutions for Chronic Hives

In the world of holistic medicine, there are qualified and effective practitioners — and there are those who administer treatments that are either ineffective or unsafe (or both). As New York City’s premier holistic medicine providers, our team here at Mitchell Medical Group is committed to the safety and satisfaction of our patients. Dr. Dean Mitchell and Dr. Ricki Mitchell, our resident physicians, have decades of experience in the fields of traditional and holistic medicine and have helped hundreds of patients find relief from chronic hives and other conditions. Together with our staff of dedicated and highly-trained assistants, they can help you find a holistic cure that really works.

To schedule a consultation here at Mitchell Medical Group and learn more about our many chronic hives treatment options, contact our NYC medical center at 212-397-0157 today!

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