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Proven Animal Allergy Treatment in NYC

Relief from Your Pet Allergies

Our New York City allergist offers simple sublingual allergy drops for pet allergies – no shots!

It’s time to get relief from your allergic reactions to dogs, cats and other animals with our proven painfree allergy treatment you can take at home!

Let Us Help You Cure Your Pet Allergies

Approximately 10 million people in the US struggle with cat allergies, the most common pet allergy. And another 5 million have dog allergies.

Yet Americans love, love their pets. The total pet population in the U.S. is more than 100 million, or about 4 pets per every 10 people.

What do you do if you would like to keep your pet and still take care of the problem? At Mitchell Medical Group, we help you understand the possible cause of your allergy and the simple steps you can take to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction.

It’s Not Uncommon for People to Be Allergic to Their Pets and Not Even Realize It

It’s easy to dismiss congestion as a cold that just lingers or attributes it to other allergies you might have. Allergies may not present for several days after contact with the animal. Even frequent dusting and vacuuming doesn’t always help, as pet dander can linger for months in carpets, clothing, and upholstery.

Telehealth New Patient Meeting

We know it can be difficult to always find time to get to the doctor’s office which is why we are now offering telehealth virtual new patient meetings with Dr. Mitchell. During the meeting, you will speak directly with Dr. Mitchell about your health issues just like you would at his office.

It is important for all those who are interested in a telehealth appointment with me to know that medico-legally I cannot diagnose or treat anyone unless we have a face-to-face, in-person office visit. I cannot prescribe any medications or supplements from a telehealth visit (the exception to this is if you live in New York State).

These telehealth visits are intended for educational and informational purposes only. My goal is to help provide you with these resources to work with your local healthcare provider to get the best care possible.

Call our office today at 212-397-0157 to schedule your meeting or request an appointment online.

How We Can Help You Get Relief from Your Pet Allergies


Most people rely on medications to relieve their allergy symptoms rather than treating the source. Those who sign up for traditional injection immunotherapy to try to build up a tolerance to allergens have to endure weekly shots at the doctor’s office. No wonder compliance is so low. One study found that only 1 percent of patients who signed up for allergy shots actually lasted more than three treatments.

We use allergy drops, (sublingual immunotherapy), a kinder, gentler, safer, and more convenient form of immunotherapy. It can be used to treat most of the common allergies including hay fever, year-round “indoor” allergies from dust or pet dander, skin allergies to soaps or latex, and insect allergies. We have seen successful results for our pet allergy patients within weeks.

Our allergy drops, which are extremely effective in combating allergies from a wide variety of sources. Treat your asthma, wheezing, and sinus problems today!

What Makes Our Pet Allergy Treatment Different?

Dr. Dean Mitchell treats his patients in a way that is different – and more successful – than other allergists in NYC. Using a breakthrough, holistic therapy (backed by solid science) he is able to conclusively reverse your dog and cat allergies!

Most doctors prescribe medications or shots to relieve pet allergy symptoms rather than treating them at the source. Even with traditional sublingual allergy immunotherapy, you are only targeting the symptoms of the allergy, not the underlying cause, plus you have to endure painful weekly shots at the doctor’s office. It’s no wonder that treatment compliance is low. At Mitchell Medical Group, we use safe, natural allergy drops to treat the underlying cause of your dog or cat allergy.

Why Choose Dr. Dean Mitchell & Sublingual Allergy Drops Treatment for Pet Allergies?

  • No painful scratch tests to diagnose your allergies
  • No painful weekly allergy shots
  • Fewer office visits
  • We offer a unique 3-step approach to diagnose and treat your allergies
  • We can permanently reduce your allergy symptoms
  • Dr. Mitchell is a board-certified allergist and author of “Allergy and Asthma Solution”
  • Dr. Mitchell trains other physicians across the U.S. on this proven allergy treatment

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional painful allergy shots, we can help!

With this type of treatment, there is no reason to even consider getting rid of your cat or dog. While many allergists will recommend that your beloved family pet is removed from the home, Dr. Mitchell doesn’t because he can reverse the allergies using allergy drops which can safely be administered in the comfort of your own home.

How is Allergy Drops Better Than Over the Counter Medicine for Pet Allergies?

Over-the-counter antihistamines can be helpful for minimizing allergy symptoms but, like traditional allergy treatments, they do not treat the underlying cause of your pet allergy. Taking these types of medications are not as effective and not a true way to get relief from your allergies. With sublingual allergy immunotherapy (allergy drops) we are able to treat the underlying cause of your allergies. In many cases, even during treatment, our patients find that they no longer even need any type of over the counter medications to help with their symptoms.

How Do Allergy Drops Work to Relieve My Pet Allergies?

Sublingual allergy drops (also called immunotherapy) focus on treating the underlying cause of your allergies by desensitizing you to the thing that is causing your allergy in the first place. For cat and dog allergies, small doses of actual cat or dog dander are given to you within the allergy drops. Over time, the dosage increases. Eventually, these drops create immune tolerance or protection so that you can be in the presence of a dog or cat without any symptoms.

Patient Success Story – Cat Allergy Relief

A man in his 30’s once came to see me because his fiancée had 3 cats and every time he went to her apartment he started wheezing and needed to use an inhaler to control his symptoms. His fiancée was also a patient of mine and I knew that it would be difficult for her to give up the three cats she had had for many years. He tested positive for cat allergens, I treated him with allergy drops, and his symptoms abated. The couple got married and now, even with his increased exposure to cats, his symptoms are minimal and getting better with time. He did the full course of the allergy drops treatment for 3 years and he was able to stop using any medications to control his allergies. Several years went by after he had finished his treatment and, by chance, I ran into him outside my office one day. We exchanged pleasantries and I asked him how he was doing. He responded, “Good and bad.” The bad news was that he and his wife had divorced, but the good news was that he got to keep the cats… “That’s the good news?” I asked. He responded, “Yes, now that I’m no longer allergic to them I didn’t want to lose them…”

What Can I Do to Minimize Allergy Symptoms?

Here are some examples of practices we encourage to help with your allergies during treatment:

  • Regularly washing your pet
  • Keeping your pet away from your bed when you sleep
  • Using HEPA filters in air conditioners and vacuum cleaners
  • Frequently dusting and vacuuming

Ready to Treat Your Pet Allergies?

Call us at 212-397-0157 to schedule an Meeting with our allergy specialist, Dr. Dean Mitchell.

Dr. Dean Mitchell has been treating patients in NYC and Long Island for over 15 years with great success! Cat and dog allergies don’t have to end badly – let us help. Schedule your virtual telehealth new patient Meeting with Board Certified Allergist, Dr. Dean Mitchell, today!

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