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Chronic Fatigue Symptom Score Questionnaire

  • Do you have trouble sleeping and chronic insomnia (or other sleep disorders)? * Required
  • Do you have the ability to sleep, but are not feeling rested or refreshed after waking up? * Required
  • Do you have trouble concentrating or remembering things during the day at work or school? * Required
  • Do you have chronic muscle pain and soreness, even without exercising? * Required
  • Do you have joint pain in any part of the body, but without the usual redness or swelling caused by arthritis or other problems? * Required
  • Do you have unusual or frequent headaches? * Required
  • Do you have tender or swollen lymph nodes in the neck or armpits? * Required
  • Do you have a frequent sore throat? * Required
  • Do you have dizziness when standing up or moving too quickly? * Required
  • Do you have extreme fatigue after moderate physical or mental activities that may last beyond 24 hours after the activity? * Required
  • Do you have blurry vision or light sensitivity? * Required
  • Do you have numbness or a tingling sensation in your hands, feet, or face? * Required
  • Do you have mood swings or panic attacks and anxiety? * Required
  • Do you have night sweats? * Required
  • Do you have a chronic low body temperature or even a low fever temperature? * Required
  • Do you have irritable bowels without any changes to your usual diet? * Required
  • Do you have food sensitivity or allergic reactions you haven’t had before, especially after consuming alcohol, chemical ingredients, or prescription and over-the-counter medications? * Required
  • Scoring:
    < 10: Chronic Fatigue Unlikely
    10-24: Mild Chronic Fatigue
    25-51: Moderate Chronic Fatigue
    52-102: Severe Chronic Fatigue
  • If you would like someone from our team to reach out to you about Chronic Fatigue, please click "submit" below. We will review your answers and reach out to you.


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