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dr dean mitchell immunologist nycAt Mitchell Medical Group, Dr. Dean Mitchell M.D. and Dr. Ricki Mitchell M.D. specialize in adult and pediatric immunology. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of her patients by identifying and treating the underlying cause of their problems.

Immunologists provide treatment for a wide range of problems that cross through and integrates multiple disciplines of biology and medicine. Common conditions treated by immunologists are allergies and asthma.

Many people live untreated with symptoms they aren’t aware of or are aware of but are unsure what type of doctor to seek treatment from. Or they don’t realize how much better they will feel once their symptoms are properly diagnosed and managed by a holistic immunologist.

Our Approach

We have a unique approach when it comes to understanding your symptoms, concerns and then identifying your medical issues and prescribing treatment.

Our unique approach includes:

  • A detailed account of your medical history called a Gap Analysis
  • A physical examination
  • Review of your dietary history
  • In some cases, we may take some blood to conduct a blood test
  • Once we know your underlying condition we prescribe a personalized treatment plan which typically includes measures to avoid or eliminate triggers, recommendations for medications and education to help you take an active role in treating your disease.

What Makes Our Treatment Different?

At Mitchell Medical Group, we believe in treating the person, not the organ which is why we start every consultation with a detailed and thorough medical history we call a Gap Analysis.

A Gap Analysis refers to reviewing your medical history and looking for gaps in your treatment that are causing you to feel sick. It’s very similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. The good news we have gotten very good at looking for needles in the haystack.

Furthermore, when it comes to allergy treatment, instead of painful allergy shots that require weekly visits to the doctor’s office, we use sublingual immunotherapy drops to permanently reduce your allergy symptoms.

Why Choose Us?

  • Board Certified Immunologist
  • Proven Holistic & Natural Treatments
  • Leading Expert in Sublingual Immunotherapy
  • Original 3-Step Treatment Process
  • Specialize in Solving Tough, Difficult Cases
  • Focus on Treating Whole Patient, Not Just Specific Organ
  • Treatment Using IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Trains Physicians Across U.S. on Allergy Drops

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