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Safe Bioidentical Hormones Treatment

Treating Hormonal Imbalance in NYC and Long Island

At Mitchell Medical Group, we offer a variety of bioidentical hormones treatments. Bioidentical hormones are designed to function exactly as the hormones that are produced in the human body. They have less side effects and better tolerated than synthetic hormones.

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Bioidentical Hormones Can Help with Symptoms, Such As:

  • Sleep Disorders
  • Night sweating
  • Hot flashes
  • Decreased libido
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Depression

Telehealth New Patient Meeting

We know it can be difficult to always find time to get to the doctor’s office which is why we are now offering telehealth virtual new patient meetings with Dr. Mitchell. During the meeting, you will speak directly with Dr. Mitchell about your health issues just like you would at his office.

It is important for all those who are interested in a telehealth appointment with me to know that medico-legally I cannot diagnose or treat anyone unless we have a face-to-face, in-person office visit. I cannot prescribe any medications or supplements from a telehealth visit (the exception to this is if you live in New York State).

These telehealth visits are intended for educational and informational purposes only. My goal is to help provide you with these resources to work with your local healthcare provider to get the best care possible.

Call our office today at 212-397-0157 to schedule your meeting or request an appointment online.

Hot Flash: Important Facts About Hormone Replacement Therapy

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, it’s important to find a doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

In 2002, the now-famous Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study looking at synthetic estrogens (conjugated equine estrogens like Premarin) and progestins (synthetic progesterone-like Provera) were stopped because of the increase breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, and yes blood clots.

This risk is nothing new. A synthetic, hormone-like drospirenone is not bioidentical. A bioidentical hormone is one that looks chemically and structurally exactly like our own hormones in our body. Synthetic hormones do not. In the wave of the WHI, women stopped taking their hormones and sought alternative treatments. They demanded and received bioidentical hormones. Many received their hormones from compounding pharmacies. If lucky and they had a good pharmacy, they received relief from their menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, depression, and vaginal dryness.

Although a bioidentical hormone cannot be patented the way it is administered may be. In other words, evamist, which contains bioidentical estradiol is a topical spray- the pharmacy was able to patent the spray and was allowed to use it to put in estradiol. Prometrium or bioidentical micronized progesterone is capsule made in peanut oil – this was a new way of making a capsule and the drug company was permitted to put progesterone in it.

Thus the pharmaceutical industry was able to break into the bioidentical hormone market and receive FDA approval. Many patients are not aware that there are FDA approved bioidenticals and that patients report greater satisfaction with bioidentical hormones.

So why so much confusion? Why aren’t all physicians using the FDA approved bioidenticals? The answer is lack of education and time. I still see patients on Premarin and Provera. I recently saw a patient who was a smoker and on these synthetic hormones!! Since smoking increases the risk of strokes and blood clots, this combination is particularly dangerous.

I believe in the use of only bioidentical hormones. There is a lot of research backing up the usage of bioidenticals over synthetic. I advocate both FDA approved products and if need be compounded products. The FDA approved products come only in certain dosages and many patients are able to achieve relief with lower doses. I always try the lowest dose in an attempt to alleviate menopausal symptoms. Regardless of what type of hormones one uses (but please –not synthetic), one should always be evaluated by a physician with blood tests, bone density and pelvic ultrasound.

Treating Menopause with Bioidentical Hormones

Over the years in my practice of treating perimenopause and menopause, I have had many patients who have tried using alternative therapies like soy, quai, black cohosh and yams to help offset menopause. But these are not replacements for estrogen and doesn’t have the same benefits on the heart or bones. Bioidentical estrogen does though.

So the take-home message here, eat soy and yams for their nutritional benefit, but if you are looking for safe and effective treatment of menopause, bioidentical estrogen and progesterone are the way to go.

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