A Candid Conversation on Candida with Ann Boroch, Author of The Candida Cure

candida cureA week ago I had the pleasant surprise of meeting with Ann Boroch, author ofTheCandidaCure. Over a healthy lunch of salad and greens, Ann and I had an opportunity to discuss a range of medical topics and insights from our years working on treatment for Candida.

But first, for readers who are unsure they have Candida,please read this page on Candida. Candida can present with many different conditions ranging from bloating, irritable bowel, vaginitis, sinusitis, poor concentration andchronic fatigue.candida cure author

Highlights of Our Conversation


According to Ann,Candida is a lot more pervasive than the public is aware of. She categorizesmost of the public as being either mildly, moderately or severely overloaded with Candida. That means nearly everyone has some degree of Candida. Why is that the case?

When we review the medical history of our patients in my practice, ourdiagnostic process shows many patients have been treated with numerous doses of antibiotics. This factor, along with a diet excessive in sugar leads to the “perfect storm” for Candida oryeast overgrowth. It is not just limited to women, men can developCandida too. It is a serious condition that if left untreated, can lead to serious health consequences.


We both agree on how important it is to “prep” a patient’s immune system with specific vitamins and minerals before they are “Cleansed” or ‘Detoxed” with antifungal medication for Candida. They need to be ready for the often intense effects cleansing Candida yeast cells can have.

I have seen first hand that in many cases when a patient with heavy Candida overgrowth is given an antifungal medication for Candida, such as Diflucan. Intense “Candida Die Off” or Herxheimer reaction, as it is medically termed, occurs.

When yeast organisms are destroyed by antifungal medication for Candida, the particles have to be eliminated by the liver. This stresses the liver. By bolstering the body’s vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins and magnesium, the liver and other organs can more easily eliminate the toxic by-products and prevent Candida die off.

WHY DOES CANDIDA DIE OFF HAPPEN?the candida cure book

When yeast cells are destroyed quickly, toxins contained in the cells, including ethanol and acetaldehyde, are released into the body. These toxins affect brain function, respiratory and immune systems and may cause allergic reactions. This phase of treatment should be monitored and medications adjusted if needed to reduce the intensity of the reaction.

Another product that Ann finds effective is Gallbladder AbX. This product acts to enhance the gallbladder to release its bile juices again to help filter the yeast out of the body—similar to your car getting an oil filter change. Also, we find many patients go through “sugar-cravings” when they stop eating sugary foods as recommended on the diet. Candida AbX helps to regulate blood sugar stability to avoid these cravings.


Ann’s website and our own are dedicated to educating the public on how Candida can affect their health. We are both on a mission to educate health professionals all over the country to recognize the best means of treatment for Candida.

The Alternative healthcare movement is popping up all over the country and it’s just a matter of time before the treatment for Candida and other microbiome diseases will be mainstream.

It was such a treat to have lunch with Ann. The food was good too!

– Dr. Dean Mitchell

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