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Image of Doctor and patient

If you’re seeking fibromyalgia pain relief and you live in New York, New York, there’s a good chance that you may have co-occurring conditions. Fibromyalgia is now thought to be a condition that primarily affects the central nervous system (CNS); it was previously classified as an inflammatory musculoskeletal disorder. Although fibromyalgia is still not well understood, even by the doctors who provide fibromyalgia treatment, it is known that many people who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia also have other medical conditions.

One of those possible co-occurring disorders is hypothyroidism. This is why a homeopathic doctor may recommend testing for hypothyroidism once a fibromyalgia diagnosis has been made. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone. These disorders have some symptoms that overlap, including muscle pain, depression, unintentional weight gain, brain fog, and fatigue. At a fibromyalgia treatment center, patients can find effective ways of managing both fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism, and improving quality of life.