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The weather has been amazing the past few days….. Cooler air, sunshine; however, I am seeing many patients suffering from what at first seems like a cold- runny nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing. Beware! These are likely to be the signs of ragweed pollen allergy. The season started very late this year- usually Labor Day Weekend is the worst time, but it seems it has dragged deeper into September.

If you haven’t been diagnosed, an allergist can do a simple test to see if you’re positive to Ragweed, or some of the common mold spores that are also floating around in the cooler, drier air. Over-the-counter antihistamines can take some of the edges of the symptoms, but the prescription sprays work faster and are less sedating.

I have been so pleased that my patients who have had prior problems with ragweed or mold are doing so well on the allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy).

The good news is that the season should be over by October… the bad news it will be back next year without fail.

Dr. Dean Mitchell
Mitchell Medical Group, NYC & Long Island