Candida Diet: The Best Weight Loss Diet No One Talks About

At Mitchell Medical Group, we specialize in the treatment of Candida overgrowth. The symptoms a patient with Candida can have may range from an irritable stomach with excessive gas, to digestion problems (that may be referred to as reflux) and rashes in many parts of the body.

Women are acutely aware when they get a vaginal yeast infection that goes away with medications. The majority of these patients feel a lot better when they go on the Candida diet to reduce the overgrowth of yeast.

An added benefit most patients enjoy while following the Candida cleanse diet is losing a significant amount of weight!

WEIGHT LOSS DIETS candida diet treatment

There is no shortage of diets claiming to help you lose weight fast and easy. One diet that was all the rage for many years was the Atkins Diet. Following this diet, you have to avoid bread, simple carbohydrates and sugar. You are allowed to eat all of the steaks you wanted and you would lose weight. Sound too good to be true? I think so.

Avoiding bread and pasta is a good thing if you want to lose weight, but really what happens is you mainly lose water weight. This weight will come right back once you deviate from the diet.

Then, of course, there are Juice-Fast Diets. Again, these diets can be helpful if they are done carefully but realistically, no one in our modern environment can stay on this type of diet for long without giving up.

Weight watchers is a dieting program that focuses on portion control and group support to keep your weight under control. Both of these are good concepts, except this program does not teach you the ‘right’ foods to eat. I have seen weight watchers meals that have pasta dishes and chocolate cake. These meals may appear microscopic but are they really satisfying and healthy?


I like to tell my Candida patients that they are not alone if they join the ‘celebrity crowd diet’. Many athletes and actors follow a variation of the Candida diet.

Celebrities say they are on a ‘Gluten-free’ diet or some say they are going ‘Paleo’ – like a caveman. All of these diets follow some basic common premises.

1.The 4 big No-No’s: No wheat (bread or pasta), processed sugar, milk or cheese, and for Candida patients, no sweet fruits (in the beginning).

2. What can you eat? Eggs, chicken, turkey, fish and even red meat. The key is eating reasonable quantities of 4 to 6 ounces (the size of a deck of cards).

3. You can have all the vegetables you like, except no corn, mushrooms or potatoes.

4. Nuts can be a great snack (if you are not allergic!). Again, the rule of thumb is a handful, not a jar full.

5.For snacks: apples, berries, and coconut are all good choices.

6.Drinks: good quality water, herbal teas.

7. If you need a sweetener, the Sweet Leaf stevia is the best choice.


One of the best things about the Candida Diet Program is that you do not need to feel deprived or starved! Of course, if you have been addicted to pizza and pasta your whole life this will be a major transition, but one of my patients once told me: ‘I lost 15 lbs over the past 3 weeks with the Candida cleanse diet and it was so easy!’

I always say weight loss is a good ‘side-effect’ for many of my patients who are looking to strengthen their immune system and overcome Candida overgrowth.

If you are one of those rare people who want to gain weight but you need to follow the Candida diet, this will be challenging. But the good news is I’ve figured out ways to do it.

– Dr. Dean Mitchell
Mitchell Medical Group, NYC

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