Leaky Gut Questions – Answered by Our New York, NY Medical Experts

Leaky gut syndrome is a chronic gastrointestinal condition that affects people of all ages across the world. Difficult to diagnose and often difficult to treat, leaky gut syndrome can lead to a wide range of symptoms in several areas of the body. With over 25 years of experience successfully treating cases of leaky gut syndrome in patients across New York, NY, our medical experts at Mitchell Medical Group have put together this leaky gut FAQ to answer some of the most commonly asked leaky gut questions. Read on to learn more, and contact our team at (212) 397-0157 today!

What is leaky gut syndrome?

“Leaky gut syndrome” is used to describe several symptoms — including stomach pain, chronic fatigue, irregular bowel movements, skin disorders, and more — when a clear-cut cause of these symptoms can’t be found. Put simply, medical experts often identify leaky gut as the cause of gastrointestinal issues and other bodily symptoms when they can’t pinpoint a more specific cause within the incredibly complex large intestine.

So what is a leaky gut? A leaky gut is damaged or extra-permeable intestinal lining. It is thought that a leaky gut allows food allergens and other toxins to be are carried by the blood to the liver and eventually affect systems throughout the body. Thus, many medical professionals believe that leaky gut can cause a number of bodily issues, including: joint aggravation, skin disorders, bowel issues, and even “brain fog” or hyperactivity.

What causes leaky gut syndrome?

The hyperpermiability characteristic of leaky gut syndrome can be caused by other gastrointestinal conditions such as celiac disease and Crohn’s disease. Leaky gut syndrome has also been linked to radiation exposure, food allergies, and certain medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Many medical professionals believe stress to be another leading cause of leaky gut syndrome.

What are some signs of leaky gut syndrome?

Leaky gut can manifest itself through a number of symptoms, including indigestion and heartburn, chronic fatigue, food sensitivity, persistent “brain fog,” changes in skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis, or acne, seasonal allergies, and more. If you believe you may be suffering from leaky gut syndrome, we recommend scheduling an appointment at (212) 397-0157 for a detailed examination from our medical experts.

How is leaky gut treated?

Treatment for leaky gut begins with trying to find a clear cause such as diet or medication intake. At Mitchell Medical Group, we evaluate lifestyle factors such as environment, genetics, and lifestyle choices to find potential causes and areas for improvement. Instead of jumping to prescribe medication, we look to find ways to change a patient’s lifestyle in order to treat leaky gut syndrome at the source, not just at a symptomatic level.

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