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Mitchell Medical Membership Plan

Affordable, Healthcare Program

Our goal at Mitchell Medical Group was to design a membership plan that is affordable and convenient for you while providing you with state-of-the-art treatments to monitor your health during these stressful times. 

Our combined approach of using immunology with functional medicine seems to perfectly prepare us for the current COVID-19 illnesses to keep our patients healthy and immune strong as naturally as possible.

IV vitamin therapy nyc

Our experience in using injectable and intravenous (IV) vitamins has helped thousands of patients with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, but it has also shown us how these treatments have kept our patients strong even when exposed to viruses like COVID-19.

We have long been known for our pioneering lead in the treatment of environmental and candida hypersensitivity with sublingual drops that have given our patients lasting protection; and, now this past year we are again in the lead desensitizing patients with dangers food allergies with sublingual drops (check out Dr. Mitchell’s podcasts on this topic).

In the past few years, numerous patients have flown from across the country to our practice for our consultations and to receive the above treatments. This led to us implementing virtual telemedicine Meeting using Skype, Facetime and Zoom before it was fashionable. This allowed patients to get the benefit of our expertise without traveling hundreds of miles and working with their local physicians.

Membership Program

And now that COVID-19 has changed our lives forever and the way our healthcare is being delivered, we are prepared to help you keep your immune system strong and monitor your health through point of care testing being offered in our office. Dr. Mitchell’s background in immunology and infectious diseases makes him an ideal physician for this task.

Our goal in implementing this membership program is to proactively keep your immune system strong and not wait until you become ill to require more intensive and costly care.

We are now offering this membership package for a limited time to our current patients before we open this up to new patients.

The minimum commitment for this package is 6 months and re-enrollment after 12 months.

Initially we are only offering this membership to existing patients and limiting enrollment to 100 patients per option so we can deliver the care and attention necessary to keep a high level of care.

Please contact our staff if you have any questions about the membership plan. Here is the breakdown of membership plan options.

Option 1: $100 / month

★ total of 2 telehealth visits with Dr. Mitchell (one every 3 months)
★ total of 4 telehealth coaching sessions diet/stress reduction (one every other month)
★ 1 set of vitamin injections every other month
★ 1 test for COVID-19 or blood draw to a participating lab
In general this is for our allergy and asthma patients, wellness patients or mild candida patients. 

Option 2: $150 / month

★ total of 3 telehealth sessions with Dr. Mitchell (one every other month)
★ total of 3 in-person sessions with Dr. Mitchell (one every other month)
★ total of 6 telehealth coaching sessions on diet/stress reduction (one every other month)
★ 1 set of viamin injections per month
★ 1 COVID-19 test or 1 blood draw to a participating lab
★ 1 complimentary Intravenous influsion
Patients with moderate to severe Candida, Hashimoto's thyroid, pre-diabetes, autoimmune disease are suited best for this membership option.

Option 3: $200 / month

★ total of 8 telehealth sessions with Dr. Mitchell (one per month)
★ total of 4 in-person sessions with Dr. Mitchell (one per month)
★ total of 8 telehealth coaching sessions (one every other month)
★ 1 set of vitamin injections per month
★ 2 blood draws to a participating lab
★ 1 complimentary Intravenous Infusion every 3 months
This membership plan option is best for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disease. 

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