Get to Know Dr. Ricki Mitchell

If you are in need of fibromyalgia treatment, thrush treatment, or chronic fatigue treatment near New York, NY, look no further thanDr. Ricki Mitchell of Mitchell Medical Group. Dr. Mitchell is an experienced and attentive integrative doctor who can help you find relief from your painful and uncomfortable symptoms.

Dr. Mitchell has years of experience providing area patients with effective treatment for fibromyalgia, candida, and hormone optimization. Dr. Mitchell is dedicated to using comprehensive methodologies in alternative medicine to help patients find lasting solutions for candidiasis, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, and nerve pain. Dr. Mitchell trained at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. She embarked on a career in complementary and alternative medicine after seeing patients whose symptoms were not improving with conventional treatments. Dr. Mitchell believes that an individual’s history and story are essential for creating customized care plans. She is particularly interested in finding effective solutions for chronic fatigue syndrome and has been a pioneer as a holistic doctor. While she believes that modern medicine can be highly effective, she is equally committed to using all available resources in alternative medicine to positively impact a patient’s health.


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