IV Vitamin Therapy: Who can Benefit from it

The Dr. Oz Show had a segment today on having an IV vitamin treatment. Dr.Oz’s trusted woman about town- Jennie- went to an Urgent Care Clinic and her friend had an IV vitamin treatment. Jennie is needle-phobic(afraid) and paced nervously as her friend sat in a chair- smiling as the IV vitamin infusion went into her body. It was an interesting segment, but I think left many unanswered questions about the advantages of IV vitamin therapy; and more importantly who is the type of person who can benefit the most.

Why Do We Need Vitamin Supplements at All?

We all know that vitamins are critical for good health. In vitamin deficient countries-even our own- a lack of key vitamins can lead to bone loss or fractures, chronic infections and even neurologic symptoms. But with the fortification of foods with vitamins, true vitamin deficiencies are rare. Does this mean that we still don’t need extra vitamin supplementation?

This is where it gets tricky: in the perfect world with the perfect body and immune system, a person would only need the natural fruits and vegetables that nature designed for us- I sometimes refer to this as the Biblical diet that Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden.

But in our real world of 2016, most of us have been at the disadvantage of getting nutrients that have been extensively processed and so are devoid of the full array of vitamins and minerals.

As a result, when we develop illnesses our body’s immune system aren’t at full capacity to combat infections or correct immune imbalances.

The Difference Between Oral and Injectable Vitamins

The difference between oral vitamins and injected vitamins has to do with the gut’s ability to absorb the vitamins. As Dr. Oz correctly showed in a demonstration with plastic maniquins on today’s program: oral vitamins are swallowed and end up in the stomach, where the stomach’s acid has to do some heavy work to break down the vitamin pills and then can start to slowly absorb the nutrients. In many cases, the oral vitamins swallowed are only absorbed 30%; this can be even lower in patients taking acid blockers or who have digestive problems.

In contrast, injected vitamins either in the buttock(butt) or given intravenously go right into the body without the need for digestive help. The great advantage is that you can get high levels of vitamins very quickly- this is especially critical in patients with chronic diseases, such as Fibromyalgia or Chronic fatigue syndrome.

What’s in your IV Vitamin Drip?

This is an important question to ask: in some spas or agencies that advertise rejuvenation IV’s(especially after partying), in many cases it only contains salt water with a small amount of a B vitamin.

AtMitchell Medical Group our IV vitamin therapy has the key vitamins that improve the immune system: high dose Vitamin C, B complex and Magnesium- all in the correct combination. We follow the protocols of Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, the world-renown Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia expert.

In our practice, the IV or injected vitamins are just one part of our protocols of holistic treatments that include dietary changes and mind-body recommendations to recover from your illness.

We highly recommend that you watch the video on our site with our patient Joan, who was suffering with Fibromyalgia for over 10 years and came to our office and found relief with our IV vitamins and supplemental treatments.

IV vitamins aren’t for everyone, but many for many of our patients it was the turning point in getting well.


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