Dr. Oz and Dr. Dean Agree: Sublingual Allergy Drops Can Help Allergy Patients!


I watched with excitement last Tuesday asDr. Oz presented his show:

The Worst Allergy Season Ever!

I was curious if he was just going to make his viewers aware that pollen allergies can be severe this year, or whether he was going to introduce a new remedy. I watched with amazement as he asked theallergist on the show, “what about all this talk onAllergyDrops?” My colleague, Dr. Bassett, mentioned that he was aware that allergy drops are now being used to help children and adults with all types of airborne allergies. I was so excited to see this happen on national television. Finally, Allergy Drops are getting the attention they deserve!

Our practice has been using Allergy Drops for 15 years! I wrote the book:Dr. Dean Mitchell’s Allergy andAsthmaSolution (Marlowe 2006) which discusses my serendipity in discovering a physician who introduced me to this new treatment, and how it radically changed our way of practicing medicine. The premise of the treatment is that by building up the body’s natural immune system to counteract the allergies, you can develop life-long immunity and be free of medications. Our practice has treated thousands of patients over this 15 year period, and the majority of patients has achieved significant relief.

One of my favorite stories that aired onFox News several years ago was about a young boy Mark who suffered with terrible spring allergies and asthma (you can see it onYouTube). He loved playing baseball, but during the Little League season his sneezing and wheezing were so bad he had to come out of the game. We treated Mark with allergy drops to tree and grass pollen and he did a complete turnaround.Dr. Steve Salvatore was shown having a catch with Mark in Central Park during the height of the spring pollen season. Mark didn’t miss a throw!

4 Reasons We Practice Allergy Drops:

  • EASY: The beautiful thing about Allergy Drops is that, unlike allergy injections, there is NO Shot!
  • CONVENIENT: The other big factor is that you do the drops at home, or wherever you are travelling. There is no need to go to the doctor’s office.
  • SAFE: Another key factor is safety. Allergy drops have been reported in medical literature to be much safer than shots.
  • EFFECTIVE: And finally, they work….enough said.

The key to this treatment is to get on a regimen before your symptoms are severe.Using Allergy Drops is like working out with weights: you have to put some time in to see results.

I didn’t get invited toThe Dr. Oz Show yet, but if he does give me a call next year I’m going to insist the title of the show be:The Best Allergy Season Ever…on Allergy Drops!

Dr. Dean Mitchell
Mitchell Medical Group, NYC & Long Island

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