Case Studies 2011


A 27-year-old female came to my office complaining of severedebilitating fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and insomnia. It was so bad that it was inhibiting her personal and professional life. She had been to an endocrinologist who told her that her thyroid studies were borderline. At her insistence, he placed her on synthroid, a synthetic T4 prescription. Although she felt a little better, it was not enough.

After a thorough history, physical and bloods, I placed her on a combination of T4 and T3, in addition to dietary changes and nutritional supplements as well as some vitamin shots. Within a month, she was markedly improved. She now continues on her thyroid replacement and has lost 15 pounds.


A 47-year-old female came to me with a diagnosis ofFibromyalgia from her rheumatologist. She had tried multiple medications including Lyrica, Cymbalta and Neurontin- all with significant side effects and minimal improvement.

After a complete history and physical it was noted that she also slept poorly, had decreased libido and mood swings. Blood revealed: a low cortisol, low DHEA, low free T3 and elevated reverse T3 (see section onthyroid optimization), low ferritin, and low progesterone. I told her all of these abnormalities were contributing to her symptoms. Low dose bioidentical cortisol, progesterone and thyroid improved her moods, sleeping, pain and energy. Intravenous vitamin therapies (see treatment), oral nutraceuticals and diet aided her improvement. She continues to improve.


A 29 year old female was referred to me by her gynecologist for a history of recurrent, severe yeast infections. She had tried every over the counter, prescription oral and topical medications. Sometimes her symptom improved with treatment only to return a short while later. With questioning, this patient also gave a history of prolonged antibiotics for sinus infections and had a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I diagnosed her withCandida and treated her with diet, supplements and sublingual immunotherapy. Because of her chronic sinus infections, she was allergy tested and found to be allergic to cats (she had 2), ragweed, grass and trees. She was treated byDean Mitchell MD with sublingual immunotherapy for all of these allergens. She has now gone over 2 years without a sinus or yeast infection. In addition, her Irritable bowel has significantly improved.


I saw a 50 year old male complaining of decreased energy, weight gain, depression and lack of libido. He bought with him to his first visit his bloods performed by his primary care physician. These showed an elevated cholesterol, high glucose and elevated C-reactive protein (indicative of inflammation). Further blood work revealed a high insulin level, elevated markers for increased risks in clotting and a low free and total testosterone. I treated him with dietary manipulation, supplements and bioidentical low dose topical testosterone. Recent blood tests show a decrease in cholesterol, normal glucose and normal insulin level. His testosterone levels were now within normal limits. Most importantly, his quality of life was greatly improved.

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