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    Life Without an EpiPen – What Would That be Like?

    Researchers estimate that 32 million Americans have food allergies, including 5.6 million children under age 18. That’s one in 13 children or roughly two in every classroom suffering from a food allergy. And allergies are only becoming more prevalent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the prevalence of food allergy in children […]

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    Living a Safer Life with a Dangerous Food Allergy with Allergy Drops

    If you or anyone you know has a dangerous food allergy to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish – any type of food, you are going to want to read every word of this blog. Even better, you should go to my podcast, The Smartest Doctor in the Room, and hear my interview with Dr. Mary Morris. […]

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    A Smelly Fish Causes a Deadly Allergic Reaction

    This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. [blog updated April 2019] We all know that eating a food that you are allergic to such as a peanut, a tree nut or a shellfish can cause a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). But most of us […]

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    Meat Allergy: A Mystery Food Allergy Until Now

    A severe food allergy in many cases is a straight forward diagnosis for an experienced allergist to make. The key to diagnosing is a comprehensive, detailed history of what the patient ate in relation to the time the allergic reaction occurred. Peanut allergy, tree nut allergy, and shellfish allergy are all high protein foods and […]

  • Foods to Avoid if You Have Candida

    Candida is an overgrowth of yeast that affects millions of people, many of whom are unaware of the cause of their symptoms. In fact, it is estimated that one in three people suffer from yeast overgrowth and candida. When you seek candida treatment in New York, NY, your doctor will recommend dietary changes that should resolve […]

  • Mosquito Allergy: Sometimes More Than Just a Nuisance

    More Water Means More Mosquitoes I’ve noticed that everyone lately is complaining about mosquito bites. It seems Hurricane Irene brought with her more than just damaging floods. The excess water everywhere is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Normally, mosquitoes wouldn’t be a major topic of discussion, but with West Nile virus being reported in our area, […]

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    Food Allergy Relief: Eliminating the Right Foods Takes the Heat Out of Heartburn

    While reading the May 15th issue of Internal Medicine News, I came across an impressive article entitled, Elimination Diet Sweeps Away Esophagitis. The article cites a recent study by Dr. Nirmala Gonsalves and her group at Northwestern University in Chicago who studied how an elimination diet was able to reverse Eosinophilic Esophagitis in 50 adults. Eosinophilic Esophagitis […]

  • Asthma Prevention: Sublingual Allergy Drops Can Make An Impact

    Asthma by the Numbers, an article in yesterday’s New York Times, called attention to the fact that asthma continues to affect millions of Americans and costs about 56 billion dollars to control. The Times’ final line in the article speaks to the key issue: “Clearly, a lot more needs to be done to reduce the triggers and manage […]

  • Follow Your Gut Reaction: Allergies & Digestion

    We have all experienced stomach pains at one time or another: a bad meal, or worse, a case of food poisoning. However, if abdominal pain is a regular thing for you, a more thorough evaluation is warranted. I typically see a patient with chronic abdominal pain after they have been evaluated by a gastroenterologist. If […]

  • The Allergist’s Role in Treating Chronic Cough – Part 3

    The prior two segments I discussed the nasal and chest causes of chronic cough. As an allergist, I am always searching for underlying causes with an allergic basis- because there are so many triggers in the air that affect the respiratory system. But once I rule out that a chronic cough is not due to […]

  • Food Allergy Advice for Pregnant Mothers

    It would be nice for once if the advice doctors gave their patients made sense and didn’t seem to change all the time! I admit as a food allergy specialist I am as guilty as my colleagues in being fooled by what seems obvious. In this case, nut food allergy is the canary in the […]

  • Food-in-a-Plate

    Anaphylaxis (Allergic Shock): What Anyone With a Food Allergy Needs to Know

    The medical name for allergic shock is anaphylaxis (ana-filaxis) and it can be a deadly form of allergic reaction. Anaphylaxis used to be most commonly associated with bee stings but today, food allergies are a much more common cause of this serious reaction. One of my patients came to me with a story that is all too common: she […]

  • Over-the-Counter Allergy Medications: The Complete Guide

    The majority of allergy medications are now available without a prescription. This is obviously a good thing if you are an allergy sufferer, as you do not have to see your doctor to get a prescription for simple treatment. However, you should be careful. Over-the-counter allergy medications can be tricky if you don’t know all […]

  • Peanut Allergy Prevention: Is Conventional Thinking by Doctors All Wrong?

    Allergies are on the rise – especially peanut allergies I just read a great article in The New Yorker magazine by one of my favorite science writers, Dr. Jerome Groopman. The February 7th issue is titled: The Peanut Puzzle. The article discusses what has baffled Food Allergy researchers for the past twenty years: Why are food allergies, particularly […]

  • NYC Allergist’s Alternative to Allergy Shots and Antihistamines…Simple Drops

    As we head into August, the heat and humidity are slightly subsiding. However, the Ragweed pollen-better known as Hay Fever starts pollinating by early next week. I strongly advise my patients that are aware that they are allergic to Ragweed to pre-empt the inevitable symptoms of sneezing, nasal congestion and watery eyes with specific medications […]

  • Baby With-Goats

    The Answer to Allergies: Live on a Farm?

    Every day, we can find a reason why urban living has its downside: overcrowded subways in New York, high rents, and high taxes…lots of stress. Now, a study in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine confirms that a child growing up on a farm is less likely to develop asthma. Unfortunately, most city-dwelling families with asthmatic children […]

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    Think You Have a Food Allergy? It’s Time to See an Allergist

    The Tuesday Science Times recently featured an article by Jane Brody. She is the finest science journalist in the country and I have followed her articles before there was even a Science Times section. Her article today is Have a Food Allergy? It’s Time to Recheck. The article references the recent National Institutes of Health Guidelines for […]

  • Peanut Allergy: Exciting Breakthroughs in Diagnostic Testing and Treatment!

    During my last 20 years as an allergist, the only advice I could offer to patients with a history of peanut allergies was to avoid peanuts and peanut products. Now, some new research has come out that may end our frustrations! Here’s what’s new: First, resolved component testing (aka the UKnow Peanut Test), a technique […]

  • Peanut Allergy Symptoms

    A Successful Treatment for Peanut Allergy: Sublingual Allergy Drops Work!

    There may be a brighter future for peanut allergy sufferers I received my allergy medical journal a little late this month, but it has a special surprise: a great article showing that sublingual allergy drops can protect children from a peanut allergy. This is major headline news, and yet I didn’t hear anything in the […]

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    Spaghetti Squash Recipe – Gluten-Free & Vegan

    Spaghetti squash is a melon-shaped winter squash which is named for its flesh, which separates into spaghetti-like strands when pulled out with a fork after being cooked. So if you’ve been hankering for pasta, but cannot tolerate gluten, spaghetti squash is not only gluten-free, it’s FLOUR-free — because it’s a vegetable, pure and simple. At […]