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    The Flu Shot – 2019 Complete Guide

    Your best chance at reducing your risk for getting the flu is by getting the flu vaccine.  I know what a lot of you are saying – you’ve heard that it doesn’t work. But let’s look at some facts about the flu and the flu shot. And discuss the benefits of getting an annual flu vaccination. […]

  • Are Flu Shots Important? Why You Need to Get a Flu Shot

    How do you prevent getting the flu in the first place? Clinical immunologist and holistic doctor in NYC, Dr. Dean Mitchell discusses the importance of the flu shot and why you should get it. Your best chance at reducing your risk for getting the flu is by getting the flu vaccine. I know what a lot […]

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    What to Do If You Get the Flu

    The flu is running rampant this year in the US, especially in big cities like NYC. Do you know what you should do if you end up getting the flu? Dr. Dean Mitchell, clinical Immunologist and holistic practitioner in NYC, discusses the typical flu symptoms, how to get diagnosed with the flu, and the different treatment […]

  • Flu Shot Vaccine Advice from an Immunologist in NYC

    This weekend I found myself recuperating from a mild viral illness. I self-made the diagnosis (using my medical skills) because what started as a scratchy throat- which I thought was due to lecturing for 3 hours to my medical students this week – actually evolved into a low-grade fever with some chills and sweats. Fortunately, […]

  • Ouch! I Just Got my Flu Shot…. But Here’s 5 Reasons I’m Glad I Did:

    In my New York City office, I’ve noticed several patients are developing upper respiratory infections – nothing severe, as this is common in October and November with the change in weather. In many cases, I just prescribed nasal sprays, only a few patients required antibiotics for bronchitis or sinusitis. But this reminded me that flu […]