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    Why Patients Travel from Near and Far to Mitchell Medical Group

    At Mitchell Medical Group, Dr. Ricki and I have a unique, and successful, approach to treating our patients. Many people who come to us are so sick, all they want is to get their life back. They don’t even know what’s wrong with them and their quality of life is suffering. Not to mention that most […]

  • Dr. Mitchell Featured on News 12 Long Island | Pollen Seasons Over Double Allergy Hit

    There’s going to be a whole lot of sneezing this spring! Allergy season has officially begun and it is the perfect storm for allergy sufferers. Dr. Mitchell was recently featured on News 12 Long Island to discuss why the allergy season is so bad this year and how you can relieve your allergy symptoms. This […]

  • Hillary Clinton’s Health Issue: Can Allergies Lead to Pneumonia?

    My good wishes for a speedy recovery for Mrs. Clinton as she recuperates from pneumonia. Pneumonia is a serious medical condition where the lungs can become inflamed and fill with fluid from an infection -viral or bacterial. Her campaign has not disclosed what type of pneumonia she has, but it was mentioned that it was […]

  • Symptoms and Treatments of Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects countless men and women. While fibromyalgia is the second most common musculoskeletal problem, it is frequently misdiagnosed. Unfortunately, these misdiagnoses can leave patients in pain, discomfort, and confusion. With the help of a naturopathic doctor serving New York, NY, you can find relief from your fibromyalgia symptoms. Keep reading to […]

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    Food Allergy Relief: Eliminating the Right Foods Takes the Heat Out of Heartburn

    While reading the May 15th issue of Internal Medicine News, I came across an impressive article entitled, Elimination Diet Sweeps Away Esophagitis. The article cites a recent study by Dr. Nirmala Gonsalves and her group at Northwestern University in Chicago who studied how an elimination diet was able to reverse Eosinophilic Esophagitis in 50 adults. Eosinophilic Esophagitis […]

  • Dr. Oz and Dr. Dean Agree: Sublingual Allergy Drops Can Help Allergy Patients!

    I watched with excitement last Tuesday as Dr. Oz presented his show: The Worst Allergy Season Ever! I was curious if he was just going to make his viewers aware that pollen allergies can be severe this year, or whether he was going to introduce a new remedy. I watched with amazement as he asked the allergist […]

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    Think You Have a Food Allergy? It’s Time to See an Allergist

    The Tuesday Science Times recently featured an article by Jane Brody. She is the finest science journalist in the country and I have followed her articles before there was even a Science Times section. Her article today is Have a Food Allergy? It’s Time to Recheck. The article references the recent National Institutes of Health Guidelines for […]

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    FDA Approves Immunotherapy Allergy Tablets…Finally

    The most exciting news in 100 years has just happened in the field of allergy: The FDA approved the use of sublingual tablets for the treatment of environmental allergies. I’m not kidding. It’s been a hundred years since a new form of allergen immunotherapy has been approved. Actually, subcutaneous allergy immunotherapy, or allergy shots, was […]

  • Dr. Dean and Martha

    My Martha Stewart Experience: Dust Mites, Special Treats for Food Allergy Sufferers and Joan Rivers

    Dr. Mitchell on Martha Stewart Two weeks ago I was in a whirlwind of activity. My office was moving to its new location on 57 West 57th street and I was contacted by The Martha Stewart Show to come and discuss the problem of indoor allergens. I was excited at the opportunity to be on […]

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    Doctors Thinking About You

    We’d like to invite you to sample our newly designed newsletter Doctors Thinking AboutYou… The name is inspired by a joke we often share with patients: “When you make an appointment with one of us, you are actually getting 2 doctors thinking about your case.” Even when you’re not here, we are thinking about you. You […]

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    Ladies Home Journal: Allergies Suck!

    Fight back! I just picked up theMay issue ofLadies Home Journal off the newsstand. The title of the article on page 152: Allergies Suck! The picture shows a woman vacuuming in a bright orange Hazmat suit… My response: Fight back with proper treatment! The writer, Laurie Tarkin, interviewed me a few weeks before about why so […]

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    Dead Leaves and Mold Allergies: New Study

    Dead Leaves Can Cause Mold Allergies This fall on the east coast has been a classic mold season. We’ve had unusual amounts of warm weather, mixed with heavy rains. If you see the beautiful colored leaves that have fallen to the ground, you can be sure lots of molds is spewing off those dead leaves. […]

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    The Most Challenging Places to Live with Allergies

    Two reports were published this week proclaiming the worst cities to live in for people with allergies, but their lists differ greatly. I wondered why and did some detective work to discover how they made their determinations. USA Today, using data collected from Quest Diagnostics, reported the worst cities for ragweed pollen (the late summer […]