Are You at Risk for Chronic Fatigue?

If you believe that you are exhibiting symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, you should make an appointment with a hypothyroidism doctor orhomeopathic doctor near New York, NY as soon as possible. The most common symptoms of chronic fatigue are intense exhaustion, memory loss, unexplained muscle pain, sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes, joint pain, headache, and poor sleep patterns. There aren’t any definite known causes for chronic fatigue, but it may be caused by a combination of factors.

Viral infections, immune system problems, and hormonal imbalances can trigger the development of chronic fatigue symptoms. Because hypothyroidism can cause hormonal imbalances, you may be at a higher risk for chronic fatigue syndrome if you already suffer from hypothyroidism. Your hypothyroidism doctor can keep an eye on your symptoms to determine if you are at risk.

Other factors that may increase your risk of developing chronic fatigue syndrome include your age, sex, and the level of stress you are under. Chronic fatigue symptoms typically show up in people’s 40’s or 50’s. Women are much more likely to report symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome to their doctor, and to seek treatment. High levels of stress and difficulty managing stress can also increase your risk of chronic fatigue.

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