• A Look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    A holistic doctor can provide safe, effective chronic fatigue treatment in New York, NY. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder that causes complex symptoms that cannot be explained by any other underlying medical condition. The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is unknown, which can make it difficult to find the right chronic fatigue treatment. Some holistic […]

  • Understanding Food Allergies

    If you suffer from food allergies, you should visit aholistic doctor in New York, NY for allergy treatment. Food allergies can cause very serious symptoms, including anaphylaxis, seizures, coma, and even death. Most homeopathic doctors believe that the most effective method of treatment is complete avoidance of the food to which you’re allergic. A holistic […]

  • Possible Causes of Fibromyalgia

    If you were recently diagnosed withfibromyalgia in New York, NY, you probably have a lot of questions about the causes of fibromyalgia, and your fibromyalgia treatment options. Fibromyalgia pain can make it difficult to work or participate in activities that you enjoy, and getting answers about the condition from a homeopathic doctor might make your […]

  • The 5 Key Supplements that Fight Fatigue

    At Mitchell Medical Group, our practice’s focus is on being “fatigue fighters.” We see many patients of various ages from teenagers to older adults whose lives have been railroaded off course due tochronic fatigue symptoms. Our job of course as physicians, is to do a serious medical work-up to make sure there is no other […]

  • 10 Ways to Have a Happier Allergy Season

    Dr. Dean Mitchell was recently featured in the “10 Strategies for a Happier Allergy Season” on RealSimple which lists out 10 ways to make it through allergy season. In the article, Tula Karras lists out some great ways to make it through allergy season without feeling miserable. Below are a few of the strategies listed […]

  • Dr. Mitchell Featured on ABC News Article: A Dust Mite Pill May Help Relieve Asthma Symptoms, Study Finds

    Dr. Mitchell was recently featured on an ABC News article entitled “A Dust Mite Pill May Help Relieve Asthma Symptoms, Study Finds.” People with severe asthma can face dangerous reactions if their allergy symptoms induce anasthma attack states Gillan Mohney in the article. But according to a new study a new treatment may be available […]

  • Candida in Men and Women

    If you’re showing symptoms of candida or candidiasis, you should visit a holistic doctor to talk abouttreatment for candida in New York, NY. Candida can occur in men and women, and is also commonly called a yeast infection. Here is a look at the types, symptoms, and treatments for candida in men and women. Different […]

  • What do Hockey Players and Fibromyalgia Patients Have in Common?

    Hockey players- and I have taken care of a few NHL players- are elite athletes with incredible strength and stamina.Fibromyalgia andChronic fatigue patients- and I have taken care of hundreds of them- are battling pain and exhaustion to try and get through every day. What could they possibly have in common? The need for a […]

  • The Causes of Candida

    Candida is one of the most frequently misdiagnosed medical problems. Candida has a wide range of symptoms, including yeast infections, skin rashes, gastrointestinal problems, depression, unexplained fatigue, poor concentration, sinus infections, and athlete’s foot. Fortunately, when you are properly diagnosed by a homeopathic doctor serving New York, NY, you can effectively alleviate these uncomfortable side […]