• Taking Advantage of Chronobiology: Timing is Everything

    I remember when I was in my medical residency training, an expert came to lecture us on how this new field of Chronobiology would revolutionize medicine. That was over 25 years ago! He showed research that proved chemotherapy given to cancer patients was more effective when given at certain times. I don’t remember now whether it was […]

  • The Basics of Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is a painful disorder that affects the musculoskeletal system. Unlike many conditions that affect a specific area or body part, fibromyalgia pain occurs throughout the body. This disorder is not yet well understood. Conventional treatment options may be marginally helpful, although there is a risk of side effects from drugs such as potent pain relievers, […]

  • IV Vitamin Therapy: Who can Benefit from it

    The Dr. Oz Show had a segment today on having an IV vitamin treatment. Dr.Oz’s trusted woman about town- Jennie- went to an Urgent Care Clinic and her friend had an IV vitamin treatment. Jennie is needle-phobic(afraid) and paced nervously as her friend sat in a chair- smiling as the IV vitamin infusion went into […]