• Windy

    Ragweed Is Blowing in the Wind…

    The weather has been amazing the past few days….. Cooler air, sunshine; however, I am seeing many patients suffering with what at first seems like a cold- runny nose, nasal congestion and sneezing. Beware! These are likely to be the signs of ragweed pollen allergy. The season started very late this year- usually Labor Day […]

  • Sublingual Allergy Drops Training for Physicians: Expert Advice from an Allergist with Experience

    It’s been over one hundred years and now (finally!) the field of allergy has a new form of immunotherapy to desensitize patients to environmental allergens. Welcome to the treatment of sublingual allergy drops. Sublingual Allergy Drops Dr. Dean has been practicing sublingual immunotherapy for 16 years. He wrote about his experience, how he learned about […]