Suzanne Somers’ New Book: Tox-Sick Discusses the Importance of Candida Control

I admit I am a fan of Suzanne Somers, because of her health advocacy for alternative medicine. She took up the cause for providing women with safe options forbio-identical hormones. Why did she do this? So women, like you, don’t have to suffer through menopause stressing about the importance of having healthy, natural foods in your diet.

Of course, she is seen as just another celebrity trying to get headlines, but she meets with serious medical researchers and physicians to back up her interests.

TOX-SICKsuzanne somers tox-sick book

In hernew book Tox-Sick, she details her own journey of becoming sick when she moved into a new home that was infested with toxic mold.

Both her and her husband became ill. She developed a fungal infection throughout her body that was so bad, doctors initially thought it was cancer and were getting ready to give her chemotherapy!


My main interest in this book was the chapter where she interviews Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a well-known alternative medicine physician who treats cancer.

He has been vilified by mainstream oncologists, but he happens to have some of the best results ofany physician in extending the lives of patients with pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Gonzalez used unorthodox methods, such as coffee enemas to detoxify the liver and pancreatic enzymes to aid in digestion. He is a strong proponent that many cancers derive from disease in the gut and this affects the overall immune system.

He and Suzanne Somers got into a discussion onCandida, which I found illuminating. Dr. Gonzalez eloquently explained thatCandida, which is a normally benign yeast that is part of our gut home or microbiome, becomes imbalanced by medications (specifically antibiotics), stress and a diet high in processed foods and sugars.


Dr. Gonzalez explains that this yeast breaks sugars into alcohol in a fermentation process.

Essentially, you are creating a ‘brewery’ in your gut. This is why Candida patients say they feel hungover when they have binged on sugary products and bread or pasta. These food items convert into sugar rapidly.

Signs of Candida overgrowth include bloating and burping. Suzanne was recently on The Dr.Oz Show, where she talked about her frustratation with how her belly began to bulge throughout the day. This happened to the extent where she couldn’t fit into her jeans towards the end of the day. In her case this wasn’t from eating the wrong foods, but because of the toxic mold in her home.


At Mitchell Medical Group, we have been specializing in treatment for Candida infection for 25 years. We recognized early on that many of our patients had a Candida overgrowth problem based on their use of antibiotics, birth control pills and poor diets (consisting of pasta and bagels).

We have found ways to rebalance our patient’s immune system with a healthy diet, probiotics and supplements. In some cases we recommend Candida drops to boost long-term immunity.


Many physicians viewed Candida infections as being a “bogus” diagnosis by for a long time. However, there is increasing scientific evidence to show our microbiome (the balance between our bacteria and yeast in our body) may be the key to robust immune health.

During this time of college graduations, I am willing to nominate Suzanne Somers for an honorary doctoral degree based on her contribution to educating the public on the importance of natural healing!

– Dr. Dean Mitchell
Mitchell Medical Group, NYC

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