• Genes, Infections and Drug Allergies

    I read an exciting article in USA Today (October 25th) about Genes and Medicine. The article, “Genes are Part of the Puzzle”, shows how medical research is moving to personalize medicine based on your genetic fingerprint (genome). The article is careful to state that while you can have your entire genetic make-up analyzed, even expert […]

  • Chronobiology and Allergies: Timing is Everything!

    The field of chronobiology, the science of body timing, is not only fascinating but also has some very practical applications for allergy sufferers. Our bodies produce thousands of chemicals and hormones to regulate our body and immune system in response to our environment. We know that sunshine and daylight regulate our melatonin and Vitamin D […]

  • Latex Allergy: A Potentially Dangerous Allergen

    Latex allergy is an allergy the medical world has been aware of for many years. Latex is a natural rubber and latex products are primarily made from the rubber treeHevea brasiliensis. Latex is commonly thought of as being a contact allergen, which causes rashes (see our previous post on Allergic Rashes), however it can also […]

  • New Study Shows Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy Works in Children

    Recent Studies The studies keep pouring in: at the American College of Allergy,Asthma and Immunology meeting in Phoenix, researchers presented data showing that sublingual allergy tablets to grass pollen was safe and effective in children. This was the first study done in North America. Prior studies were done in England and Europe. The exciting part […]

  • Suzanne Somers’ New Book: Tox-Sick Discusses the Importance of Candida Control

    I admit I am a fan of Suzanne Somers, because of her health advocacy for alternative medicine. She took up the cause for providing women with safe options forbio-identical hormones. Why did she do this? So women, like you, don’t have to suffer through menopause stressing about the importance of having healthy, natural foods in […]

  • The Worst Allergy Season Ever! Don’t Worry, My Tips Will Keep You Protected

    The Worst Allergy Season Ever seems to be the headline every spring. It alarms those that typically suffer with pollen allergies, and it worries others who think it’s contagious. The real secret to getting through a bad allergy season is to take some precautions before the season ever begins. The other key is to use […]

  • Cold Urticaria And Cold Allergy: Not A Joke!

    I’ve often joked around with my patients during this brutally cold northeast winter that “I’m allergic to the cold!” The dark, cold winter days are tough can be hard to get through both mentally and physically. However, I don’t want to belittle the existence ofcold allergy, because it does really exist! Cold Urticaria The medical […]

  • Women Olympians Diagnosed with Asthma…Who Later Found Out They Didn’t Have Asthma

    An Olympic athlete needs all the oxygen they can get to perform at their peak. It’s very exciting with theOlympics just a few weeks away to watch these incredible athletes, who have devoted their lives to this moment, get a chance to perform their exercise genius. I also find it interesting to hear the different […]

  • The Dangers of Over-the-Counter Allergy Products

    The allergy season is now definitely in full-bloom—despite the cool weather. The tree pollen counts are soaring and I’m getting calls from new patients who are feeling the typical allergic symptoms, such as: runny nose, nasal congestion and itchy eyes. I’ve also noticed that patients withasthma are having more symptoms with the dramatic changes in […]