• stacks of money and a jar of change

    Asthma Sufferers Saving Money with Allergy Drops

    Headline inThe New York Times this past Sunday:The Soaring Cost of a Simple Breath The article detailed the high cost ofasthma medications and the hardship this poses to families who have sufferers. Asthma is noted as the most common chronic disease affecting Americans of all ages (about 40 million people). Today’s asthma medications are effective […]

  • woman sneezing

    Cold Weather Sinus Disease Prevention: Part 1

    Over Thanksgiving, the weather certainly took a quick turn towards winter. The sudden drop in the temperature into the 30″s requires winter precautions. The main conditions I see in the winter in my allergy/immunology practice are respiratory, sinus and skin related. Today, I will discuss the respiratory conditions that are more prevalent in the cold […]

  • Dr Mitchell with Dr Teitelbaum

    The Integrative Healthcare Symposium 2015

    The 2015 Integrative Healthcare Symposium just took place at the Hilton Hotel in New York City from February 19th-22nd. The conference brought together some of the top experts in medical fields such as Pediatric Exposure to Toxins,Fibromyalgia andChronic FatigueSyndrome. The talk I was particularly looking forward to was the one byDr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a well-known […]

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    The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Fibromyalgia

    CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE Conventional medical training tends to follow a set route, typically shying away from practices such as mindfulness meditation: first, you start with a hospital residency, and then, you follow up with an additional fellowship. Personally, my hospital residency focused on internal medicine. I trained in immunology for my fellowship. Once my training was […]

  • Allergic Eczema: Treatment That Goes More Than Skin Deep

    Winter Skin Winter can be an eczema sufferer’s worst nightmare. The harsh weather that hits most of the country can cause our skin to become dry and chafed, and patients that suffer from eczema are especially at risk for skin flares. In the past, typical treatments have relied on lathering on sticky creams to try […]

  • woman coughing with hand over mouth outside in the cold

    The Allergist’s Role in Treating Chronic Cough – Part 1

    I’m always amazed that as diverse as an allergist’s private practice can be with a myriad of different problems- that the same complaints seem to come in clusters. This has definitely been the case the month of July. July in my office has been a refuge for patient’s suffering with a chronic cough. A good […]

  • image of Auvi-Q

    New Food Allergy Device that will Save Lives!

    I was reading theNew York Times Business section on Saturday and learned something I hadn’t seen in a medical journal: a new breakthrough device to help children and adults treat a severe allergic reaction from a food or insect sting with more peace of mind. The device, calledAuvi-Q, is an epinephrine injection with automated voice […]

  • stethoscope with laptop

    Dr. Skype Will See You Now: Yikes!

    I am all for advances in technology – it is what makes medicine more of a science than an art – but… I think we are heading in the wrong direction. In USA Today’s Money Section, there is a front-page article titled: The Doctor will see you now – online. The article says that Internet sites run by […]

  • Vaccinations and Autism

    We are extremely excited that our very own Dr. Dean had his first article published on the Huffington Post’s Healthy Living section (see the post here). The post was published on the first page of the site on February 2, 2015, just above Dr. Oz. Dr. Dean originally wrote the piece after parents flagged their concerns […]

  • Why are College Students Susceptible to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

    CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME SYMPTOMS Chronic fatigue syndrome has bewildered medical experts for over 20 years. It was originally linked to Epstein-Barr infections (which cause Acute Mononucleosis) and has since been maligned and repudiated as the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Out of all adults, it is college students (who were previously healthy) that are most […]

  • flu shot reminder

    Severe Reaction to Flu shot: Is it Really an Allergy?

    I recently saw a woman who had an anaphylactic reaction after receiving the flu shot for the 1st time. It is exceptionally rare to have anaphylaxis (the most severe allergic reaction) after a flu shot. This woman’s case will bring out an important point that may save others. This patient didn’t have a history of […]