• close up of woman with sinus pain

    Cold Weather Sinus Disease Prevention: Part 2

    Turning on the Heat Many of my patients find their sinuses become more inflamed as soon as their offices or their apartments turn on forced hot air. This is not surprising, as the sinuses must adapt from the cold weather outside and then respond to the dramatic change of the warmer air. The problem is […]

  • man outside coping with allergy

    Allergic Rashes From Products We Touch In Our Daily Lives

    Allergic Rashes and Everyday Products Allergic rashes are often caused by products we use on a daily basis. When a medical professional identifies a chemical allergy we call itcontact dermatitis because contact with the chemical often causes an allergic reaction in the form of a skin rash. The list of contact allergens a person can […]

  • coughing woman in the cold

    The Allergist’s Role in Treating Chronic Cough – Part 2

    The previous post I spoke about the causes of a chronic cough due to nasal congestion and post-nasal drip. Today, I want to discuss when a chronic cough emanates from the chest. It seems obvious when a person is coughing that the problem is in their chest; however, a good allergist/physician should take a complete […]

  • candida and acne

    Candida, Acne and Antibiotics: A Diabolical Relationship

    [updated August 2019] An article in the Wall Street Journal, The Problem with Adult Acne, highlighted some issues with prescribing long-term antibiotics for acne. Acne is a common skin condition, and although it is usually associated with teenagers, many people suffer from acne well into their 20’s and beyond. In fact, acne is the most […]

  • woman enjoying breakfast in bed at hotel

    Allergy Safe Hotels: A New Option if Your Travelling This Summer

    I read an interesting article inUSA Today from May 3rd titled,Hotelscourt allergy sufferers. I was surprised to learn that hotels offered special rooms for people that wanted a more hypoallergenic room. For years, I have heard my patients complain that their trip was ruined by getting sick from the dust, mold or overall poor air […]

  • plant with pollen

    Tree Pollen and Food Allergies… “The Forbidden Fruits”

    The weather is gorgeous on this Mother’s Day, and I hope all of you are able to spend this day with loved ones. I know this has been a difficult time for patients with spring tree pollen allergy. After all the rain we experienced a few weeks ago, the tree pollen has sky-rocketed to very […]

  • pollen plant

    Pollen Plague: What is Your Best Defense?

    Offense (Global warming) vs. Defense (Allergy drops) The recent cover of USA Today’s weekend edition on May 31st, 2013 read: Pollen plague: How Climate change is Affecting Every Breath You Take. The reporter chose to focus on Chicago as the location where Dr. Joseph Leija has been recording pollen counts for 24 years on the roof […]

  • three apples different colored apples

    Fruit and Pollen Allergies: The Double-Whammy

    Thinking back to my childhood bible studies, the sin of Adam was eating the forbidden fruit from the apple tree. Today, it seems the sin of eating the apple lies with my patients who have pollen allergies as they may also experience symptoms of an allergy to fruit. What Do I Mean By This? This doesn’t […]

  • young child treating her asthma with inhaler

    Cold-Weather Asthma and Sinus Help

    March has come in like a lion…cold and snowy. Just when we thought spring was around the corner, we still need our winter coats. I thought this would be a good time to remind you that this type of weather requires special precautions forasthma and sinus patients. Severe cold weather makes asthma attacks more common. […]

  • close up of peanuts in shell and half opened

    Food Allergy Treatment: “Failure is Not an Option!”

    Today’s New York Times Magazine (March 10, 2013) has a lead story on the work ofDr. Kari Nadeau at Stanford and her ground-breaking research on food allergy. I had the pleasure to hear Dr. Nadeau lecture at the American Academy of Allergy,Asthma and Immunology meeting in Orlando in 2012. I met with her after the […]