• young women in bed with hangover

    Intravenous Vitamin C for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue…. and Hangovers?

    We take IV therapy very seriously I just read inThe New York Times thatIV vitamin therapy is the newin thing to do to recover from hangovers. Apparently, there are now companies which provide home IV’s by nurses to help you get over a night of heavy partying, so you are in better shape the next […]

  • image of laura hillenbrand book unbroken

    “Unbroken” Author Laura Hillenbrand: The Face of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    It wasn’t all in her head Laura Hillenbrand is theNew York Times best-selling author of both Seabiscuit andUnbroken. Her feat of being such a great writer is even more fascinating and complicated considering she has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 27 years. I loved Seabiscuit the movie (I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t read the book) and […]

  • President Obama: You Can Beat Acid Reflux Naturally

    Even Presidents get Acid Reflux I just heard on the news that President Obama was evaluated at a Virginia hospital for a chronic sore throat that was diagnosed asacid reflux. I am a fan of President Obama- as I think he is an eloquent man trying to do an impossible job. A job which comes […]

  • couple hugging and smiling outside

    Can Jell-O be Good for Your Joints?

    We all grew up loving Jell-O. The wonderfully bold colors: red, lime-green and orange made eating the gooey stuff even more fun. Heck, before he got all the negative press, Bill Cosby made Jell-O world famous with the slogan: Mmm… Mmm… good- that’s what Jell-O pudding is just plain good. Well, the latest research seems […]