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    New Findings in Fibromyalgia: What Do They Mean?

    In a recent USA Today article,New Findings in Fibromyalgia, many articles from different medical journals are cited. I did some medical sleuthing by reading theoriginal articles and by taking the extra step of speaking to the researchers who are quoted. These are the key points: · Fibromyalgia is a complicated disease without question. Most doctors […]

  • Are Vitamins & Minerals Necessary for Health?

    The headlines are grabbing everyone’s attention: 2 new medical studies show no improvement in preserving brain function and preventing heart attacks in individuals who use multivitamins. A few medical experts jumped on the bandwagon to inform the public: “Stop wasting money on vitamins!” I’m a little surprised and very unimpressed with the experts. If I […]

  • tired woman suffering from chronic fatigue

    “Why Am I so Tired?”: Causes of Chronic Fatigue

    PART 1: THYROID IMBALANCE Our practice specializes in treating patients withChronic Fatigue diseases. Chronic Fatigue cases are the most challenging for a physician because there are so many possible medical causes that may be involved. Chronic Fatigue is equally challenging to the patient because no obvious organ in their body is involved. THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM […]