Blog Posts in June, 2016

Flu Vaccine Advice from an Immunologist in New York City

This weekend I found myself recuperating from a mild viral illness. I self-made the diagnosis (using my medical skills) because what started as a scratchy throat- which I thought was due to lecturing ...
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Risk Factors for Candida

If you suffer from candida in New York, NY, you know firsthand just how uncomfortable the symptoms can be. Candida is a particular kind of yeast or fungus that can cause gastrointestinal problems, ...
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The Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

Fibromyalgia clinics serving New York, NY, often recommend IV vitamin therapy to alleviate painful and uncomfortable symptoms. IV vitamin therapy combines vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants and ...
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How Fibromyalgia Can Affect Your Life

Fibromyalgia treatments serving New York, NY, are highly effective. However, if you do not seek help from a holistic doctor, your fibromyalgia can become debilitating. Fibromyalgia is a chronic ...
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An Overview of Serious Allergies

A physician who offers chronic fatigue treatment near New York, NY, is also well-equipped to help relieve your allergy symptoms. As you will learn in this video, serious allergies can adversely affect ...
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