The Link Between Clothing Choices and Chronic Yeast Infections

If you find that your go-to yeast infection treatment only works temporarily and that your infections always seem to return, one contributing factor you may be overlooking is your clothing. When you seek help from a candida treatment center in New York, NY, in addition to reviewing your other risk factors, your specialists may discuss how your clothing is contributing to your infection.

For a yeast overgrowth from candida to occur, a moist and warm environment is necessary. When you wear tight clothing, you trap moisture and warmth in the vagina, creating the perfect breeding ground for candida. Although a yeast infection treatment ointment may temporarily resolve the infection, continuing to wear restrictive clothing increases the risk that the infection will recur.

If you experience more than four yeast infections in a year, you could have chronic vaginitis caused by yeast infections that should be treated by a candida specialist. Your specialist can help with holistic treatments, from dietary recommendations to sublingual immunotherapy, to help you break the cycle of infection for good.

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