Allergy Apps... Helpful, but Not a Cure


While watching the evening news, I was intrigued to hear announced “A New Breakthrough for Allergy Sufferers!” I am used to this kind of hype, but still curious to see what they had to say.

It wasn’t a medical breakthrough, but, instead, a computer breakthrough. Allergy Apps, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone, can give you helpful allergy information. I was reminded of the time Bill Gates was asked, “Why don’t you give out free computers in developing nations to help them advance?” His clear answer was that these countries didn’t need a computer – they needed safe food and water and vaccines. In that same line of thought, a phone won’t cure your allergies, but it can get you some useful information.

What followed was a demonstration of the app’s features. The app downloads the pollen count in your area from, which can help you connect your symptoms to what’s going on outside. It can also help you locate a pharmacy in your area, if you need immediate relief.

This story caught my attention, but seemed a little disappointing. I was a little more impressed with a different app that I hear about the old-fashioned way – through the regular mail. Allergy Eats! Offers an app that can help people with food allergies find restaurants that are safe and enjoyable to eat at. Users of the app can rate more than 600,000 restaurants quickly and easily by answering three simple questions about their dining experience. This is the real power of the online experience!

Dr. Dean Mitchell
Mitchell Medical Group, NYC & Long Island


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